Gutermann rPET sewing thread 589 Burnt Orange

Gütermann rPET Sewing Thread | 589 | Burnt Orange

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The Sew-all Thread 100m rPET is the sewing thread from Gütermann creative made of 100% recycled polyester produced from plastic bottles.

To create this more environmentally friendly option, they used the same Micro Core Technology as they do with their classic Sew-all thread. Creating a high-quality end product with even thickness, that is flexible, colorfast, and tear-resistant. Everything you need for a beautiful finish on your garments.

Eco-credentials | OEKO-TEX certified | 100% recycled polyester
Color | 589 Burnt Orange
 | 100m
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This thread is certified as STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX and is proven to be skin-friendly in various classes, including products for infants, products with direct skin contact, and decoration material.

OEKO-TEX is a test and certifying system for textile that focuses on restricting the use of harmful substances in textile manufacturing. The demands are very strict and are monitored regularly. A certificate has to be renewed every year.

Want to know more about OEKO-TEX certifications? Visit their website

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