Designer fabrics

Our collection consists of fabrics we source from multiple suppliers. When sourcing fabrics it's very important that we know these fabrics are designed and manufactured in factories that match the OEKO-TEX and/or GOTS certifications. This way we know we are buying fabrics that are less harmful to the environment and to people. 

Our range of basic fabrics come from fabric importers in The Netherlands and Germany. Next to that, because we sell fabrics specifically for dressmaking, we also decided to add fabrics to the collection that are produced by smaller independent ateliers and manufacturers. In the webshop, you can see from the name of the fabric of which designer the fabric is, but we also want to give you some background on the philosopy of these ateliers as well. 


Amandine Cha is a France-based brand that produces local and organic products with the GOTS* certification. They carry beautiful high-quality basic fabrics as well as more trendy prints. Everything they produce is ethically sourced and manufactured from start to finish. Providing a high-quality product that you can enjoy for many years to come.

All Amandine Cha fabrics we sell in the shop are GOTS certified.



 Annabelle and Rajeev founded Atelier Brunette in 2013, they were on a mission to create an exclusive fabric apparel brand with a zest for design, quality, and one of a kind motifs. The base of fabric production naturally takes place in India, known for its textile industry and high-quality materials. Rajeev originally from India, is responsible for the fabric production and Annabelle oversees the design and reputation of the brand in France and throughout the world.

Atelier Brunette is a Responsible Brand and is committed to working with professionals in the textile sector. By working directly with local Indian factories without any intermediaries, Atelier Brunette has put in place, conditions, and rules that respect the entire team. This process allows Annabelle and Rajeev to be in constant communication and regularly check the working conditions of all employees as well as the way the fabrics are manufactured. Atelier Brunette is also committed to the fact that their factories have all the necessary certifications to work with the European market (ISO 9001 and REACH).

All Atelier Brunette fabrics we sell in the shop are OEKO-TEX certified.


Cousette is created in 2009 in France, the love and passion of Cecilia, a fashion stylist with 10 years in the industry. All fabrics are created with love and intent, with the purpose of offering a little gift to ourselves.

All Cousette fabrics we sell in the shop are OEKO-TEX certified.


Églantine & Zoé create fabrics with exclusive patterns that follow the seasons and the desires of the moment. The fabrics are created in France from their workshop, then manufactured in the vast majority in Europe (mainly in Portugal). They work directly with textile manufacturers and wish to promote the know-how of the countries around them. The factories that manufacture Églantine and Zoé fabrics work with respect for human beings and are constantly seeking to improve their environmental procedures.

The main partner is Portuguese. The electricity they consume in the production process comes 100% from solar and wind power. It does not use any hazardous chemicals and has ISO 9001 and REACH certifications. Thanks to these partnerships and this direct work, all the fabrics that Églantine & Zoé make are OEKO-TEX certified.


Family Fabrics is a brand designed out of love for their customers and the little ones. The collections consist of cheerful and exclusive prints. Family Fabrics was set up by a family of three. Two sisters and a brother.

With Family Fabrics they want to expand their love for fabrics and prints with carefully selected fabrics and cheerful hand-painted prints, available for everyone! For all people who, like them, have a love for soft fabrics, challenging prints and want to convert this into valuable products.

All Family Fabrics fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified. 

Lise Tailor

Lise Tailor is a small, upcoming label from Lyon, France. The owner’s real name is Lise and she’s a real ‘tailor’. Several times a year Lise Tailor publishes new fabric collections in a typical French style, which means: delicate, fine designs on viscose and poplin fabrics and also colorful jerseys and sweater fabrics.

Lise says: “I track down the best fabric, the best finish for months. The whole difficulty is to find the right compromise between quality and ethics. I have to be certain that the factory with which I collaborate produces the best product while having an exemplary behavior from a social and environmental point of view. I always favor the local and most of my collections are made in France, but on condition that it goes hand in hand with an irreproachable quality. »

All Lise Tailor fabrics are OEKO-TEX and/or GOTS certified. 


meetMILK is a brand of sustainable fabrics determined to offer an alternative choice of materials for home sewers and makers who cherish high quality and eco-friendliness when choosing fabric for a handmade wardrobe.

The fibers and materials, as well as the production environments for the fabrics that they choose for the collections, are all certified sustainable and/or eco-friendly with very low ecological impact.

All meetMILK fabrics are OEKO-TEX and/or TENCEL™ certified.



mind the MAKER is a fabric manufacturer and wholesaler founded in 2018 by fabric lovers on a mission to serve high-quality fabrics with the maker in mind.

They mind the MAKER when they design and develop their collections.

They offer a range of high-quality basic collections that will always work and a range of prints and fashion-based collections that are more likely to come and go. There is something for everyone.

The mind the MAKER fabrics are SGS, OEKO-TEX, or GOTS certified.