Who we are


We offer home sewists a curated collection of trendy, high-quality dressmaking fabrics. Fabrics with an eco-certification that are ethically manufactured by responsible producers.

Focusing on primarily natural and sustainable fibers. The better choice for your handmade wardrobe!


Shopping for eco-friendly fabrics should be easy and fun! With all our fabrics you find a transparent description of the fabric details and care, eco credentials, and images to showcase the quality and structure of the fabrics. Helping you to understand what you are buying and making sure you are able to make informed decisions when it comes to picking your perfect fabric.

Not only feel good about the beautiful garments you are going to create but also about the fabrics you used to create them with!


In our collection, you only find eco-certified, ethically produced, and environmentally sustainable fabrics. Like (organic) cotton, linen, Lyocell (Tencel), EcoVero, bamboo, and fabric from recycled fibers. Fabrics that are kinder to our planet and to the people that manufacture them.

All fabrics are produced without the use of harmful chemicals, dyes, or finishes.

We work with small designer brands and fabric manufacturers as well as with renowned wholesalers to curate our collection.


Sustainability doesn’t stop at the fabrics alone! We always strive to choose the most environmentally friendly option with everything we do. In our day-to-day operations, we use eco-friendly packaging, minimize waste, recycle anything we can and practice responsible energy consumption. We are always on the lookout to for ways to be even more sustainable and we promise to keep learning and improving.


Our mission is to be better, not to be perfect. Although 100% sustainability is our north star, we have to acknowledge this is an ongoing goal that we will continue to strive towards in every decision we make.

Hoping to make the world a better place and make a positive impact on the textile industry. Keeping on learning and growing along the way. Providing you with amazing fabrics that are kinder to our planet and the people that produce them for us.