Who we are

Our origin

We are all becoming more conscious of the impact fast fashion and clothing fabrics have on our environment. You hear about the terrible circumstances people, even children, are working in. The long hours, the dangerous factories, the low wages, and the rivers where chemicals are dumped in. 

I’m proud to be a hobby seamstress. Half of the clothes in my wardrobe are me-made. Every time I create a unique and nicely-fitted garment from a piece of fabric – it feels like magic! I thought I was doing my part to help stop this horrible cycle by making my own clothes. But after watching a documentary one night about clothing production, I had a light-bulb moment; I realized I have no idea where my fabrics come from or how they are made!

When I started looking for answers, I was overwhelmed with all the information I found. There are so many different things to consider. I learned about fibers and yarn: bio cotton, Tencel lyocell, and bamboo, fabrics from natural resources such as linen, fibers dyed with plants without using chemicals, and recycled fabrics. I also compared the different certifications given to manufacturers when they practice ethical policies.

With this newfound knowledge under my belt, I thought I was ready to get started on a truly ethical me-made item. But then came the next hurdle; I saw how time-consuming it was to find these fabrics, and in many cases, I couldn't figure out where they came from, how they are produced, or any of these details. Especially fabrics that were on-trend and suited my style I found hard to find. Like so many people that are trying to live more ethically, I found that achieving this goal was more challenging than I anticipated. Giving up is an easy next step... 

I was sure there were more people out there who would love their fabrics to be more ethically produced. But how can we expect people to choose this option if it’s too cumbersome? We could create a place where everyone can find trendy, high-quality fabrics that are truly a better choice. And with that, an idea was born!

On EFF you will only find OEKO-TEX, GOTS and Tencel certified fabrics. The collection consists of high-quality fabrics from basics to trends: colors, prints, textures, and more. 

I don’t have the illusion I can change the world on my own. But if nobody ever takes action and waits for somebody else to stand up and do something, things will never change. Together we can make a difference. Even if you only choose certified fabrics for half of your me-made clothes: every little bit helps!

Of course, our eco-friendly mindset doesn’t stop at the fabrics alone. With our shop, we strive to be as conscious as possible. As with our fabrics, we also want to be responsible when it comes to packaging and shipment of our orders. We don't use plastic. All orders are packed in a cardboard box, which you can repurpose or recycle. We decided not to custom print the boxes but use a stamp for branding and we use unbleached tissue paper to wrap our fabrics in. Topping it off with an eco-friendly produced and printed sticker. We are excited to keep learning about all of these aspects and we will continue to share our insights with you and become even more conscious.

For now: have fun shopping. And drop us an e-mail if you have any questions. It would be lovely to hear from you and we are more than happy to help!