Collection: SGS

The denim collection of Mind the Maker is manufactured in China. The manufacturer is verified by SGS to ensure a trusted, ethical, and environmentally conscious processes throughout every step of the production. The SGS verification ensures that products, systems, and services meet the requirements of international standards for responsible textile production.

The fabrics are also tested and verified by SGS to ensure no harmful chemicals in the final product (comparable to the Oeko-Tex certification).

The fabrics are shipped to Europe by sea or rail.

SGS, formerly Société Générale de Surveillance (French for General Society of Surveillance), is a multinational with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. They provide inspection, verification, testing, and certification services.

mind the MAKER Heavy Washed Denim Dark blue 12,5 oz | €22 p/meter
mind the maker heavy washed denim dark blue
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