Collection: Lise Tailor

Lise Tailor

Lise Tailor is a small, upcoming label from Lyon, France. The owner’s real name is Lise and she’s a real ‘tailor’. Several times a year Lise Tailor publishes new fabric collections in a typical French style, which means: delicate, fine designs on viscose and poplin fabrics and also colorful jerseys and sweater fabrics.

Lise says: “I track down the best fabric, the best finish for months. The whole difficulty is to find the right compromise between quality and ethics. I have to be certain that the factory with which I collaborate produces the best product while having exemplary behavior from a social and environmental point of view. I always favor the local and most of my collections are made in France, but on the condition that it goes hand in hand with an irreproachable quality. »

All Lise Tailor fabrics are OEKO-TEX and/or GOTS certified.