Who made my fabric?


Since a couple of years Fashion Revolution is asking brands to open up about who made their clothes. Inviting brands to share their thoughts and actions when it comes to sustainability.

This year the question 'What's in my clothes'/'Who made my fabric?' is added to the list of questions. Which is music to our ears! We all know about the critical conditions workers working in sweat shops to provide us with cheap garments. But the critial question about where the fabrics come from was not yet asked. 

Eco Fashion Fabrics

When I started Eco Fashion Fabrics, I did this out of necessity. As an eco-consious hobby sewist I wished to work with sustainable fabrics that are on-trend and suitable for dressmaking. The jungle I entered drove me crazy and made me eventually create this business.

My goal is to make it easier for everybody to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing fabrics for their sewing projects. After doing lots of research into sustainable fabrics, I decided to go for certified fabrics. In our shop, we only sell fabrics that are certified with either a GOTS, OEKO-TEX, Tencel, or SGS certificate.

You can find more information here

Why certified fabrics?

The idea behind choosing certified fabrics is that there is a high level of openness and transparency. On where the fabric comes from and how it's made, the social criteria in the factories, what content is used, and what chemicals are used.

Everybody has their own understanding of what sustainability means to them and what they look for in a fabric. With a certificate you can make an informed decision about what fabric meets your sustainability wishes and standards.

The future 

Although it is a big challenge to source sustainable fabrics, we do see a slow shift in the right direction. More suppliers are offering certified fabrics and we love working with smaller companies like Atelier Brunette, mind the Maker, MeetMILK. They make it their core business to be sustainable when creating their amazing fabrics.

We will keep adding more sustainable fabrics to our shop. Building our collections. Providing you with high quality basics and offering more trendy fabrics to spice up your wardrobe. 

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